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"To know how to grow old is the master-work of wisdom, and one of the most difficult chapters in the great art of living" - Henri-Frédéric Amiel


Virginia Richardson, Life Edit

Virginia Richardson is the founder of Life Edit. In the process of editing her own life, Virginia discovered a passion for helping other people edit and find theirs. Through her health, home, and closet editing services, she’s now able to help others clear their own paths to experiencing deeper joy and fulfillment right where they are.

What do you love most about AQ? I love that AQ was developed by a naturopath doctor who focuses on providing women with quality products that support us in feeling our best. There is so much uncertainty in what we are buying for ourselves and our families that I tend to gravitate toward products produced in small batches by experienced doctors. I also love that AQ doesn’t use the tag line "anti aging” which resonates with me because the truth is we are all aging and its important to find products that support us from the inside out. The products provided by AQ do just this, they provide energy at a cellular level, build muscle, and support digestive health. I fell in love with AQ when I noticed their 3 main products were 3 of my most recommended products for clients, whey/collagen protein, electrolytes, and antioxidants. I knew we had a lot in common from the start. 

What is aging to you? Aging is a beautiful thing, as we age we become more settled in our skin. As I’ve aged (36) I’ve become more comfortable sharing and living my truth and not caring as much how others perceive it. I took a sabbatical from my corporate job and worked as an end of life doula before I started Life Edit, and I quickly realized that we will all age, we will all have wrinkles, and we will all eventually die. Not to sound morbid, but it's the truth and aging reminds me personally of how precious life is. While working as an end of life doula it became very important to me to share the message of gratitude for all the healthy days we still have, and to make small edits in our lives that take us closer to feeling our best today. To appreciate our bodies where they are in the aging process, and strive to make healthy choices that support feeling the best we can. Supplements are part of my health journey, they support my active lifestyle and keep me energetic and strong. 


To learn more about Virginia and Life Edit, visit or follow @yourlifeedit on Instagram.


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