AQ x The Naughty Nutritionists

AQ x The Naughty Nutritionists

June 24, 2018


Our Chief Medical Advisor sat down with the Naughty Nutritionists to talk.

Beauty starts on the inside is a line we’ve heard countless times. And, the fact is that no matter what we put on the outside, if we are stressed, dehydrated and eating poorly it will no undoubtedly reflect on the health of our skin (you can find some of the best and worst foods for your skin here).

So, with the focus on the inside, we sat down with Dr. Holly Fennell, the Scientific Advisor and one of the leading Canadian Naturopathic Doctors behind Age Quencher® where green beauty and glow does start from within. Age Quencher ® is not about fighting what’s natural and inevitable, aging but more about how we age, our energy, the health of our skin, hair and nails and allowing the true change to come from within.

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