Brain Health is of the utmost importance when it comes to aging.

The preventative role
Age Quencher® products can play in the factors surrounding brain health makes them particularly unique and relevant to you as you age.

Did you know that women are at greater risk of dementia as they age?  This is in part due to lowering levels of hormones (estrogen, progesterone and testosterone). Numerous studies reference the efficacy of key vitamins and minerals in relation to brain health and disease prevention. AGELESS Antioxidants were formulated with great focus on data collected from the scientific research community as it related to brain health. 

Inside AGELESS antioxidants:

1. GRAPE SEED EXTRACT: shown to increase memory performance. 

2. RESVERATROL: shown to benefit brian health as estrogen levels decrease. 

3. POMEGRANITE SEED EXTRACT: helps to protects agains free-radical damage to the brain. 

Age Quencher® vitamins were developed to address the issues associated with aging. We are not just about hair, skin, and nails (although this beauty bonus is fantastic!) 


2 Age Quencher® capsules daily with food. 




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