With so many health benefits it is hard to know where to start! When it comes to skin care and beauty from the inside out, PSE is a must.

  • Sun-Damaged Skin: Sun goddesses this is for you. Several studies have shown that this powerful antioxidant can help even out hyperpigmentations, skin redness and photoaging.
  • Collagen Production: Yes, please! Powerful antioxidant activity helps regenerate and protect skin elasticity by promoting collagen production and cellular regeneration.
  • Free Radical Damage: Do you live in a city…if so your skin and body are exposed to oxidative stress! GSE has been shown to fight against and repair free radical damage that causes signs of aging such as discoloration and broken capillaries
  • Ultimate Skin Hydration: Rich in fatty acids that help protect skin cell walls to lock in hydration at a deep cellular level.
  • Blood Pressure: high in polyphenols that have been shown to promote healthy blood pressure levels and heart health.
  • Brain Power: Can’t find your keys or forgetting people’s names? People with mild memory impairment reported improvement with daily tasks when taking PSE on a regular basis.
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