Age Quencher™ Rejuvenate Beauty Protein

We were thrilled when Dr. Holly Fennell, Naturopathic Doctor chose AQ's Rejuvenate Beauty Protein as one of her top pics. Our grass fed, hormone and antibiotic free protein powder meets all Health Canada Requirements. A great way to start the day or to get a hit of beauty as you recover  post work. We believe beauty should come form the inside out. 

Our protein powder has a light vanilla taste with many added ingredients. This is not just a protein powder it is 5 products in 1! 5 beautifying ingredients in one bottle. 

1. Infused with 3300mg of Marine Collagen for smooth radiant skin and joint support

2. Contains a full spectrum acidophilus probiotic for skin, immune and digestive health.

3. Added Inulin fiber to support healthy blood sugar and weight control

4. Added Silica to support health lustrous hair and fast growing, hard nails

5. Vitamin C for internal wellness

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