6-in-1 REJUVENATE™ Collagen Protein Powder


ONE Product. SIX ingredients. Countless benefits:

1. 20g Lactose-Free New Zealand Whey Powder for energy & muscle recovery. 
2. 3300mg Marine Collagen Peptides for radiant skin, hair & nails.
3. Probiotic-Acidophilus to support skin, immune & digestive health.
4. Prebiotic-Inulin fibre to support healthy blood sugar & weight control.
5. Silica to support lustrous hair & fast growing, hard nails
6. Vitamin C, a super-power antioxidant & immune booster.

Collagen Protein:  Compounded by a Naturopathic Doctor to create a protein powder that does more.

• Over 25? You are using more Collagen than your body can produce naturally.
 Help slow the aging process of your skin by giving it structure to help prevent sagging and looseness
 Taking collagen for 8 weeks has shown a significant increase in skin elasticity and appearance.

FREE OF: Carbohydrates, Sugar, Lactose, Hormones, Antibiotics, Wheat/Gluten, Artificial flavours/colours.

Health Canada/FDA approved
3rd Party Tested for Purity, Contaminants and Heavy metals. 
100% Undenatured Grass Fed New Zealand Whey
Non GMO ((No rBST or rBGH/growth hormone)

Dosage: Mix one scoop daily with 8-10 ounces of fluid. Blend well. Tastes great in a smoothie! Flavoured with Natural bean, 20 grams of protein per scoop.

Learn more about the ingredients in this product here. 

Age Quencher is not intended to treat or cure disease. Please discontinue use if you experience any unwelcome side effects and consult with your Health Care Practitioner.


Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Sharon Sippel

Top quality product. I use it in my smoothies. Good tasting and mixes easily. I like that it has marine collagen, probiotics and prebiotics. I have a sensitive tummy and with this product I have no tummy issues.

J. Fuller

Unlike any other protein powder I have tasted. A must try! I normally buy chocolate because of the taste of vanilla but this is great.

Rosa M Pacheco
The collagen protein powder is a life saver!

The Collagen Protein Powder is Fantastic, tastes great, it's smooth, not grainy or powdery. Since removing my stomach due to cancer I struggled to gain weight and energy. This protein product opened up my appetite allowing me to increase my weight and energy again. It's literally been a life saving product.

Almost perfect

I'm enjoying the taste more than expected. I had been using a tasteless collagen so I was a little apprehensive with the vanilla. It's been quite nice in my coffee. It does not blend and dissolve completely, leaving a residue at the bottom of the cup. The last bit of coffee is grainy and I hate the waste of a of the collagen...it's not cheap! I do feel that I can feel a positive difference in my digestion.

Christine Richardson
Excellent Product

Great Canadian product. Mixes well with any type of fruit(s) and makes a delicious and nutrisish satisfying smoothie.