GLOW (Collagen + Electrolyte + Reishi)



A better way to take your Collagen. Our best-selling HYDRATE Electrolyte infused with Reishi Shroom and 10,000mg of Marine Collagen Peptides. 

Helps to: 
• Prevent dehydration, a leading cause of premature aging.
• Decrease hair shedding with a superboost of collagen. 
• Plump & brighten skin tone for a more dewy glow. 
• Minimize fatigue with adaptogenic immune benefits of Reishi.

Carb Free, Sugar Free, Chemical Free, Keto/Fasting Friendly

Dosage: 2 scoops daily in 16oz of water. Dissolves best when stirred into water before adding ice. 

FAQ Beauty bonus: Yes! You may continue to take 1 scoop daily of HYDRATE Electrolyte in addition to 1 scoop daily of HYDRAGLOW. Take at separate times of the day.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Lindsey G
Game Changer

I m a total convert. As a 75 year old, I know only too well what the ravages of time and past abuse can do to skin, har and nails.
I began using AQ on the advice of my daughters. Within weeks my complexion was more radiant, my nails were stronger and my hair had regained much of the bounce and shine it had years ago.
For me, Hydrate Electrolyte, Glow (Collagen + Electrolyte + Reishi), Antioxidant Vitamin and Hyaluronic Moisturizing Serum seem to be the perfect combo.
People keep asking me what I’ve changed…so here’s the answer... Age Quencher!

Jacqueline Gasbarre
Best products

I love this product! It has improved my hair and skin dramatically! Such positive changes, I love it so much!

Janet Grant
Great results!

A friend recommended this collagen product; I noticed an improvement with my hair, skin and nails within 3 weeks. Very happy with Hydraglow and will definitely continue using.

Kimmé Myles

I've been using Glow for about 6 weeks now and already I'm noticing positive changes. I have shoulder injuries and lately they're feeling noticeably better with a lot less discomfort! Best product ever!

Alana Westlake
Great stuff!!

I noticed within a few months that it was doing great things
I have had problems with growing my own nails… my only problem now is finding time to shorten them!!!
And even my hair dresser has noticed my hair seems to be stronger and the hair shafts are thicker!