10 Tips for Luscious Summer Locks

Who doesn’t love sun-kissed skin and that relaxed summer feeling?  As any sun lover knows, being in the sun means basking with care.  So you slather on the suntan lotion and throw on a pair of fashionable shades and consider yourself protected from head to toe. But are you forgetting something? Hair is equally affected by the sun’s harmful UV rays and needs protection to keep it healthy and to prevent drying and damage.

Try these tips for healthy and luscious summer locks:

  1. Give tresses a day off! Reduce the heat at least once a week to give hair a break from hot tools. Hairdryers and flattening irons add to frizz and cuticle damage. 
  1. Get a trim! Chop off all the dead ends and give your hair a fresh start for summer.
  1. Saturate those strands with conditioner before you dive into a chlorinated pool. Chlorine damages colour and hair follicles but a layer of leave-in conditioner which won’t absorb as much salt water or pool chemicals. Prefer  more natural approach? Saturate your hair with coconut oil before before you swim. 
  1. Wrap it up! Wear a hat or colourful scarf to add a great some pizzazz to your outfit and protect tresses from the sun’s harmful UV rays. 
  1. Create a mix of water, aloe vera juice and avocado oil to keep on hand. Give hair a spritz occasionally to give control and add moisture. 
  1. Check the shampoos and conditioners you’re using to make sure they contain UV protection. DYK that Grapeseed Oil is a natural UV protector for your hair? Add a few drops to your hair daily. 

These tips will help protect your hair from damaging rays and chemicals however the most important tip for healthy summer hair is hydration. While you may be doing everything you can think of to protect your skin and hair, if you’re not hydrating properly, you’re not helping either. Make sure to drink AGE QUENCHER™ REHYDRATE Beauty Electrolyte..  

Our AGE QUENCHER™ Beauty System is an easy ingestible beauty system that works at the cellular level to improve the way you look and the way and will help keep you hydrated throughout harsh summer temps!


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