AQ's Ultimate Summer Cocktail

AQ's Ultimate Summer Cocktail

Waterside relaxation wouldn’t be complete without a refreshing and replenishing summer drink. We say the more colour the better! For those balmy Summer afternoons by the pool, dock or on the lounger in the backyard, we've got the perfect bevy for you.  We're all about staying hydrated these next few months. This mock-tail recipe is easy to whip up for yourself or to enjoy  with friends. All you'll need are a couple key ingredients and away you go. Let us know what you think and share your hydrate cocktail creations with us on Instagram @agequencher #feedyourbeauty.

RECIPE (1 serving)


• 1 Handful fresh mint

• 4 slices of lime

• Bubbly Water

• AQ Hydrate Beauty Electrolyte

• Ice Cubes 


• Muddle mint and lime in a tall glass. 

• Stir together

• Add 1 scoop AQ Beauty Electrolyte

• Fill glass with soda water

• Stir and enjoy!

FANTASTIC QUENCHING COCKTAILS: don't forget to add your AQ HYDRATE Beauty Electrolyte to your drinks for an extra boost of electrolytes and energy. Thanks to our friends at for the inspiration!

Watermelon Bellini

Not only is watermelon hydrating, it’s good for the heart and bones and can help to reduce brain fog and inflammation! Delicious, great looking and totally refreshing.

Berry Lemonade

Berries add great colour to any cocktail and they boast many health benefits. These little bundles of antioxidants help keep your memory sharp and are packed with antioxidants. They’re also a great source of fiber so your digestive system will thank you! 

Mango Peach Fizz

We’re mad about Mango so this drinks is a must have on our list. Mango tastes delicious but it also comes with a slew of benefits such as helping to lower cholesterol, improving eye health and helping to fight heatstroke. Combine that with the amazing benefits of peaches which are low in calories, packed with rich minerals and can help reduce wrinkles and you’ve got the perfect summer drink! 

Pair these tasty treats and quenching cocktails with our AGE QUENCHER™ Beauty System and you’ll be looking and feeling great both inside and out all summer long!

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